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Hey Guys,

If you or your parents have been talking about needing a man to come redo your kitchen, tear down a wall, do your deck, paint (interior or exterior), redo your bathroom, change the layout of your house, etc. My dad can do it all! He has been in the business for over 40 years and is VERY good at it. Every house he has worked at, he works efficiently and fast, and gets only good reviews. He is professional and he was certified by BBB.

If you are interested in doing anything to your house and live in or near Orlando, FL, he can help you! If you are interested in doing any remodeling for your house, you can contact him at or you can comment here.

If you would like to call him, you can get all his contact information here: BBB . His company is made of only himself and as you all know, the construction business is suffering at the moment so please give him a chance, he knows what he is doing!

Yours truly.

– Ari M.

Posted below will be some pictures of works that he’s done!


Pictures of Dad’s work




Before, i want to tell you guys that above will be a post about what he does and why you should hire him!

  This is a picture of a bathroom he has painted and tiled.


  This is a picture of beams he cut, painted, and put up himself on the ceiling.

   This is another beam that he painted and cut himself, as well as installed it.

  This is a picture of bricks that he installed himself in a driveway/ back porch.

 This is a picture of custon tiles that he placed in the wood floor he installed.

  This is a picture of a kitchen he remodeled from scratch. He did the floors, granite, backsplash, paint, and cabinets.

  This is a picture of a wall he painted. It is a special technique that leaves the wall shiny!

   Lastly, this is a picture of my family and i, my dad being the first, my mom, me and Matt. 🙂

Yours truly.



You know how we all love Pandora but sometimes wish that we could just listen to the person who we typed in. I know, i have personally experienced times where i didn’t like the music that was “similar” to the artist i mentioned so i found this AWESOME website:

Basically, on this website, you type in any artist that you would like to listen to and BAM! music will continuously play, like on Pandora, but it will be from the same artist! Hope you find this website just as awesome as i do!


Yours truly,


My Zen Squre

For all of us believers! These are the patters i came up with while relaxing. It represents the dreams and battles that we face among road that is life! If you have any questions about what each one means, just comment or message me!

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DIY: Glam Out a Mason Jar!

This was a fun project i came upon while browsing on StumpleUpon, It was initially just glow in the dark paint in that DIY, so i decided to change/spice it up and i added colors to the glow in the dark paint so it would look better!

First, you get some glow in the dark paint


And you blend some of your favorite colors with it, put some dots here and there until you cover the whooole mason jar and get this:




You can get mason jars about anywhere. If you want in bulk( 4 or so) , you can go on amazon, and it’ll be cheap. If you get lucky, you will find one at Good Will. As for me, i didn’t, so i went to Joanns and got the one above for 2 dollars!

Your’s only.



Through the years, i have learned that organization can help stress to a minumum and keep you on track, for us students out there. I will post how i keep organized at my desk and maybe i can inspire someone to get organized! And thus i begin:


As you can see above, i have a white board in the background, which is also magnetic. On the right, i have 3 shelves where i keep my textbooks and all else that i need and on the left, i have 2 more shelves.


Above, is a closer look at the left side, the 2 drawers come out, they have papers in them, and they are east to access.


Below my desk, there are 4 drawers, where i keep my folders, crayons, rulers, and all else that i need. The one above, in the picture, has documents and the different colors coordinate to different classes!


This is a picture of a white board calendar that i punched, which is really thin and it has dates on it. It is VERY useful, if you can get one thing to get organized, i would recommend this, it was, maybe 15 $ at Staples, i will link it below. I love it! I keep my work schedule, school schedule, and all important dates on it! Plus, it’s fun to doodle on!

Your’s only.


Well, yall, i hope you enjoyed and i hope you chose to get organized because it makes life easier!!! 🙂



This was cheaper than on staples!