Bringing Color to Everyday Life

If you are in ceramics and or like this kind of stuff, it’s extremely fun! My idea came from being aggravated at my cups for taking sooo long to make so I took an easier route and decided to experiment with glazes. Glazes are a special kind of paint that when fired at hot temperatures, seal and protect the clay to be used ( in this case, the cups can have liquids in them and you won’t get poisoned! 

On to the cups! If you have a pre-made cup, good for you! If you don’t, then you take a slab and blend it into a cylinder and add a bottom to it and blend that on and then a handle! If I could, I would take pictures but it’s awkward to do that at school! 

After you fire the clay, You put on a base coat of whatever color you want  (I used Mardi Gras which is a white with pebbles of blue that explode to get a splatter like effect)  and after, you take a bunch of different colored glazes and dip a paintbrush in water and then in the glaze and splatter it all over the cup! ( In some cases, you need to flick the paintbrush with your finger). 

You then fire it again to get to this amazing product! 



The colors are much brighter in person but i am extremely proud of these!



I love being creative and this is just me sharing one idea to you all!


Yours Truly. 



Glade Expression Review

I am here to review 2 products from Glade that i got for free from BzzAgent. The first product is the Glade Spray and the Second is the Glade Diffuser.


The Glade spray that i got is in cotton and italian mandarine and the combination of smells is delightful! It feels like you just did fresh laundry with a mix of oranges. It is the homey-est scent i could imagine. It reminds me of back home. When i was small, oranges was a special treat we only got around Christmas. Not only does the scent smell amazing and bring back good memories, but it also does a decent job at retaining its smell. When you spray a room, the smell is strong and delightful. 


Now on to the Glade Diffuser which i got in Lavender and Juniper Berry. First, the name is adorable. The smell of plants and berries is the best! The lavender is relaxing and comforting while the berries are sweet and inviting. The diffuser is incredibly easy to put together, it takes less than 30 seconds and as soon as you pop it into place, it begins to smell. At the beginning for the first 2 or 3 days, it is extremely strong and i have a sensitive nose but it still smells good. Furthermore, at the beginning, it is centered around the diffuser, but i begins to spread out over time. I am very pleased with it because it has lasted over 2 weeks and it still smells good! 

All in all, i was extremely surprised at these Glade products because they were pretty cheap and they were extremely good. I would definitely recommend buying them and i’m in love with the scents i got. 

Rating out of 10: 9.3 


Yours truly. 

     Ari M. 


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