Closet Declutter

I try to clean my closer once or twice a year and it usually ends up being a failure. I usually don’t like to give away clothes because I feel attached to them and I feel like I will use all my clothes sooner than later! However, this time, I didn’t let my miiind get the best of me! I decided to declutter and if i did not see myself wearing the item in the future or if I had not worn it it within a year, I put it in the pile! I also put clothes that were worn out into a separate pile, with that, I got a HUUUGE pile of clothes that I am going to DONATE!


Next, I just need to donate them to Goodwill and probably the school closet for those who can’t afford clothes! Oh, it feels soooo good! AND now, I have a clean and organized closet!


Yours truly.

– Ari 🙂


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