Hey :)

I am so sorry that i have not blogged in months but i am back! 🙂 I had strep throat and an ear infection over the Thanksgiving Holiday which was developing into pneumonia which explains why i didn’t blog that week but i am all better now!

I wanted to share with you all this extremely awesome website where there are playlists but it’s for each day and season and time of day, so it’s different music and playlists daily and there are so many options. It is probably on of the best music websites out there, although it is unknown!

Here you go :


Have fun!

Yours truly




You know how we all love Pandora but sometimes wish that we could just listen to the person who we typed in. I know, i have personally experienced times where i didn’t like the music that was “similar” to the artist i mentioned so i found this AWESOME website:


Basically, on this website, you type in any artist that you would like to listen to and BAM! music will continuously play, like on Pandora, but it will be from the same artist! Hope you find this website just as awesome as i do!


Yours truly,