Through the years, i have learned that organization can help stress to a minumum and keep you on track, for us students out there. I will post how i keep organized at my desk and maybe i can inspire someone to get organized! And thus i begin:


As you can see above, i have a white board in the background, which is also magnetic. On the right, i have 3 shelves where i keep my textbooks and all else that i need and on the left, i have 2 more shelves.


Above, is a closer look at the left side, the 2 drawers come out, they have papers in them, and they are east to access.


Below my desk, there are 4 drawers, where i keep my folders, crayons, rulers, and all else that i need. The one above, in the picture, has documents and the different colors coordinate to different classes!


This is a picture of a white board calendar that i punched, which is really thin and it has dates on it. It is VERY useful, if you can get one thing to get organized, i would recommend this, it was, maybe 15 $ at Staples, i will link it below. I love it! I keep my work schedule, school schedule, and all important dates on it! Plus, it’s fun to doodle on!

Your’s only.


Well, yall, i hope you enjoyed and i hope you chose to get organized because it makes life easier!!! 🙂



This was cheaper than on staples!


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