Professional contraction/remodeling person

Hey Guys,

If you or your parents have been talking about needing a man to come redo your kitchen, tear down a wall, do your deck, paint (interior or exterior), redo your bathroom, change the layout of your house, etc. My dad can do it all! He has been in the business for over 40 years and is VERY good at it. Every house he has worked at, he works efficiently and fast, and gets only good reviews. He is professional and he was certified by BBB.

If you are interested in doing anything to your house and live in or near Orlando, FL, he can help you! If you are interested in doing any remodeling for your house, you can contact him at or you can comment here.

If you would like to call him, you can get all his contact information here: BBB . His company is made of only himself and as you all know, the construction business is suffering at the moment so please give him a chance, he knows what he is doing!

Yours truly.

– Ari M.

Posted below will be some pictures of works that he’s done!


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