Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Shampoo, Conditioner, and Moisture Treatment Review


I though the products all smelled great and I will list pros and cons of all the products at the end. I got these products through Bzzagent. I though they were okay. They weren’t my favorite but they were standard, maybe a little better. They are intended for dry scalps and i have an extremely oily scalp. Surprisingly, it made my oily scalp better 🙂


– Pro:

It was refreshing. It smelled good. It did the job it was supposed to do, so i was happy with that. When i used the shampoo with no conditioner, it did give me a little volume.


It left my hair feeling like there was still shampoo in it and it made my hair feel rough.



It detangled my hair. It made it soft. It did it’s job.


It was too greasy. It made my hair feel full of products.

1-Minute Leave in Treatment:


It hydrated my hair. It made it feel soft. It made it feel healthy.

– Con:

It made it feel like my head was heavy and at times, weighed it down.

For all, i’m not sure if this gave me dandruff because i alternate shampoos, but there is a possibility.

Overall, i would say this was an okay product. I will keep on using it to finish it off but i wouldn’t repurchase it becuase it’s not for my hair type. However, if you have a dry scalp, you should try it out! It smells so good!

Yours truly.




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Homecoming Week

Heeeey yall! So i am very sad that i won’t be going to homecoming because it’s at House of Blues, the place i hold dear to my heart! Plus, i’m missing out on all the dancing, but i decided against it this year.

Now back to the topic, for the homecoming week, we have days where the whole school, or shall i say only the brave and awesome people, dress up for different days. Monday was class color day, Tuesday was Tacky tourist day, Wednesday was fairytale day and thursday is going to be school spirit day! I will post an OOTD tomorrow so i decided to post the tuesday and wednesday outfit right over here!

Let’s begin: Because Allie (aka ) and i were inspired to go to Goodwill together since we both love it and found some awesome clothes! We decided to get t-shirts from goodwill! Image

Allies Outfit includes: a shirt from Goodwill, my pants from a thrift store close to where i live, some long socks and some shoes! (i’m so generic because i don’t know where her shoes and socks were from)

Ari (ME): a shirt from goodwill, pants from a thrift store near my city, a hat from Clair’s (on sale for 5 $), white sandals from forever 21 ( like $12 ) and some hole-y socks that i got in Europe!

FAIIIIRY TALE DAY!!!!! So, for this, Allie and decided to be matching fairies from Tinkerbell and Friends! I was Rosetta, the garden fairy, and Allie was Tinkerbell! To create our dresses, we bought XL tshirts from the mens section and cut out the shape of our dresses. Allie sowed hers by hand and i sowed mine in the sowing machine!

ImageTaken into account that this was at school, we had to be in “dress code” so we wore shirts underneath and i wore tights because mine ended being a little too short! ImageAllies outfit: Her dress is homemade with a shirt from goodwill, her skin-color pantyhose are from target, her wings are from the dollar store, and her gold shoes are from Kohls ( i believe)

My outfit: My dress is homemade with a shirt from goodwill, my pantyhose are from target (exhilaration), my wings are from the dollar store, my headband is from walgreens, and my shoes are from payless!

Your One and Only.

Ari. 🙂